Partnerships @Google
Founder @ChatbotsLife
CEO @Pandorabots
Co-founder & CEO @Assist
CEO & Co-Founder @Dashbot
Product Manager @IBM Watson
Co-Founder @SmartLoop.Ai
Executive Director @SeedVault
Co-founder & CEO @Automat.ai
Creative Technologist & Evangelist @Oracle
UX Designer @Google
CEO & Founder at Persona
Co-Founder @CONVRG
Product Manager @Google
Founder & CEO @Botanic
Co-Founder @School of Bots
Founder & CEO @Voicera
Co-Founder & CEO @ Rasa
Strategist @TheMarsAgency
Co-Founder @Octane.ai
Founder @Chatbase
Partner @Foundation Capital
Partner & CDO @Wirkn
VP of Engineering @PullString
Developer Evangelist at Sentry
Co-Founder @GoBeyond
Co-founder & CEO @BotSociety
CEO @ 🐳Swell
Founder @GYANT
Co-founder & CEO @BotCopy
Co-Founder & CEO @Gupshup
Co-founder & CEO @Botanalytics
Co-Founder & CEO @Haptik
Co-founder & CTO @ Imperson
Co-founder & CEO @Mercury.ai
Founder & CEO @BotMock
Cofounder & CEO of EvaBot
Principal @Scrum Ventures
Product Manager @Oracle
VP of Engineering @RAIN
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