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Nov 2nd & 3rd 2023

Get Certified in AI & UX

Conversational UX Certification


ChatGPT/BARD Certification

AI Developer Certification

Is this right for me?

Learn how to make an AI-powered Chatbot using Large Language Models


Learn how to make an advanced AI-powered Chatbot using LLMs and Knowledge bases.

What you'll Learn

Prompt Engineering

How to use LLMs

Using Knowledge Bases

Ideal for

Designers & Developers

Product Managers

AI Product Decision Makers

Teenage Students Raising Hands

Live & On-Demand

Our Workshops are both LIVE & On-Demand. This mix allows you to learn at your own pace and get hands-on help from our instructors in the Live Workshops.

Take Your Project to the Next Level.

Conversational Design Workshop

Nov 2nd: Conversational UX
9 am to 4:00 pm PT

9:00 am: What is Conversation Design?

9:30 am: The New Conversation Design Stack

Part 1: Conversation UX Principles

10:00 am: Flows, Knowledge Bases, Prompting, Training

11:00 am: Psychology, Flow, Personality, Information


12:00 am: Lunch break

Part 2: Designing your Project

1:00pm: Designing Flows: Intents & Entities

2:00pm: Knowledge Bases: Hierarchies, Ontologies, Taxonomy & Semantics


3:00pm: Prompt Engineering & Tuning: Prompt Chaining, Personality,



Stefan Kojouharov
Founder @ ChatbotsLife

Austin Bedford.jpg

Austin Bedford 
Conversational Designer

AI Workshops: ChatGPT & Voiceflow

Nov 3rd: ChatGPT & NLU (Voiceflow)
9 am to 3:00 pm PT

9:00am: Lay of the Land 

9:30am: Setting up your account

Part 1: Flow using NLU

10:00am: Creating your first Intent using NLU

11:00am: Second Intent & Fallback Intents

12:00pm: Lunch break

Part 2: Knowledge Base & Prompt Engineering 

1:00pm: Connect your Bot to a Knowledge Base

2:30pm: Prompt Engineering & Persona Set Up

4:00pm: Going Live

Meet the Instructors

Stefan is the visionary behind Chatbot's Life, a globally recognized chatbot publication that has been at the forefront of the industry for the past seven years. With hands-on experience from collaborating with industry giants such as AOL, Oath, Outbrain, and National Geographic, Stefan has accumulated a wealth of knowledge in the conversational AI domain. Recently, he has pioneered the New Conversational UX Stack, a holistic approach that seamlessly integrates LLMs, Knowledge Bases/Vector DB, prompt engineering, and compelling storytelling into Conversational User Experience (CUX). As you embark on this workshop, Stefan's expertise promises to shed light on the transformative potential of conversational AI.
Austin Bedford.jpg
Austin brings to the table a rich 7-year background in UX Design, having partnered with a diverse array of startups. His intrigue with the nuanced dynamics of natural language and human-machine interactions catalyzed a shift towards Conversation Design. In the last three years, Austin has emerged as a formidable figure in Conversational User Experience (CUX), notably through his innovative work on Salesforce bots for Slack. As we delve into the world of conversational AI in this workshop, Austin's unique blend of design expertise and practical experience in bot building will be invaluable.

Every Workshop Attendee will get Access to the On-Demand Version of the Workshop

Workshop Available LIVE & On Demand

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