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Casey Phillips


Sr. Product Manager






I'm an accomplished Product Manager of almost 9 years, with over 6.5 years of experience focused in AI/ML. I also have 3 years of prior experience in software engineering, in addition to an MBA degree. In regards to my AI/ML experience, I've worked extensively with Conversational AI experiences that have leveraged Natural Language Process (NLP). The ability to effectively utilize AI & ML in products to solve users' biggest pain points is both a great passion and strength of mine.

I’ve had notable success overseeing the development and roadmap for products in a variety of spaces including Search, Conversational UIs (chatbots and voice assistants), Live Chat, and optimizing core product functionality with AI/ML models. I've launched successful and groundbreaking Conversational AI experiences in prominent products such as TurboTax and QuickBooks, all of which have delighted users and helped automate some of their biggest needs. Most recently, I led the launch of innovative ML models to optimize the quality of rider<>driver matches at Uber, with a focus on the nuances of airports and large event venues.

I have a strong technical acumen and always strive to digest and understand the way the underlying systems that power the products I manage operate. This has enabled me to effectively digest complex technical concepts into clear product requirements and successfully communicate with a variety of cross-functional stakeholders and executive leadership.

I've had significant exposure to NLP modeling and training and have even led and owned the success of training and tuning NLP models on platforms such as Google Dialogflow, IBM Watson, and Amazon Lex. Earlier in my career, I was fortunate to be heavily involved in the development of a native NLP model using Tensorflow, while working as a PM for a smaller startup in the Bay Area. Leveraging and understanding data science is a considerable strength and interest of mine, so you can consider me one part product enthusiast and one part data evangelist.

To sum it all up, I'm incredibly passionate about technology and building products that users love. I believe that technology, particularly AI/ML, has the ability to improve our lives for the better, and I'm determined to do my part to help make that happen!

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