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Ali Loghmani







We use the chatbot technology to augment tutors to deliver personalized and affordable sessions to multiple students concurrently.
We believe in a future where AI and LLMs can create new tutoring and coaching jobs, while everyone can afford hiring a high quality tutor for a fraction of the price.

We work with tutors, tutoring academies, virtual schools, progressive schools , and schools with after hours tutoring sessions. If you are interested to see a demo of our product and explore how we can help with optimizing learning, reducing costs and scaling your business, please reach out.

I co-founded my 1st startup in 2002, and made an exit the same year. I started coding from an early age with a Sinclair Spectrum 48k when I was 13, and sold my first product, an inventory management system, fully developed in C when I was only 16. Since then I have been building and selling products.

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