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Sam Udotong







I am a Co-founder and CTO at an early stage startup and a graduate from MIT where I studied computer science and aerospace engineering. My expertise is in deploying deep learning in large scale projects, including training autonomous drones as president of the MIT UAV Team and optimizing satellite maintenance systems at Boeing and Lockheed Martin.

I've guest lectured several times at Stanford for introductory artificial intelligence classes. I now lead engineering at, a startup that automatically records, transcribes and summarizes meetings and conference calls. Fireflies is a platform that turns voice into action.

I have strong experience in full-stack & mobile development as well as scaling databases, infrastructure and practical deep learning. I built many versions of our app as we have continued to grow. We're using AI to pull out the most important information from the conversations that you have on a day-to-day basis. We apply machine learning to save time for productive people and organizations.

I enjoy working in small teams, especially because I have the chance to really make a difference. To a team, I contribute a good sense of work ethic and leadership by example. My education in engineering and computer science, coupled with a stubborn ambition make me who I am.

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