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Hackathon +Chatbot


3 Certified Workshops, Open Forum & Hackathon

June 13-15 2023

Build Super Powerful AI Bots
In our 3 Certified Workshops, you will be creating a Super Powerful Chatbot that leverages both ChatGPT and Dialogflow!
Drawing on a Board


Design your Conversational AI Project 

Conversational UX Certified Workshop

Day 1: June 13, 2023



Add ChatGPT to your project using the API

ChatGPT Certified Workshop

Day 2: June 14, 2023



Develop NLU Follow up using Dailogflow

Dailogflow NLU Certified Workshop

Day 3: June 15, 2023

Each Day Features and Overview Talk, Expert lead Sessions, Open Forum & Hands-on Workshops

Session Leaders & Instructors

We feature speakers from Top Enterprises & Brands like Google, Salesforce, Amazon, Walmart, Intuit, 1-800 Flowers & many more. 

THE Project
ChatGPT + Conversatioan UX + Dailogflow

Your Project
In the workshops, we will be building a Super Powerful Chatbot that leverages both Dialogflow & ChatGPT. This will be a FAQ Bot that can also take actions and get things done for users!
Conversational UX
By understanding the strengths & limits of ChatGPT and Dialogflow, we can design a Super Powerful Chatbot in just 3 days!
Dialogflow & NLU Development
For all of the things that ChatGPT can't do, like following up with your customers, we will implement Dialogflow.
ChatGPT Design & API
You will be leveraging the power of ChatGPT using their API! ChatGPT can use your website FAQs or another data source to answer questions, speeding up the process dramatically!
3 Certifications in 3 Days
By the end of the 3 Days, you'll have a Chatbot that can answer most FAQ questions and you will be Certified in the latest tech!
Hackathon & Prizes
We automatically review your project and the best Bot(s) will WIN the 'Chatathon' of 2023. Winners will be announced in August.

Project & Certificate Workshops

Day 1: June 13, 2023

Conversational UX Workshop

Day 2: June 14, 2023

ChatGPT Workshop

Day 3: June 15, 2023

Dailogflow Workshop

9:00 am: Daily Overview

9:30 am: Expert lead Sessions

10:00 am: Playing with ChatGPT

11:00 am: Intro to Day 2's Project


12:00 pm: Lunch break

--- Certified ChatGPT Workshop---


1:00 pm: Your Data Source

2:00 pm: ChatGPT API


3:00 pm: API & Prompt Configuration

4:00 PM: Launching ChatGPT on your Site!

9:00am: Lay of the Land 

9:30am: How to Avoid the Biggest Pitfalls

10:00am: You Chat Stack: Analytics, Contact Center AI & Botcopy

11:00am:  Dialogflow CX: Develop Your 2 Most Important Intents

12:00pm: Lunch break

1:00pm: Going Live: Deploying your Bot & Live Take Over

2:00pm: Setting up your Analytics