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May 25-27th 2021

Chatbot Conference Online

AI, Chatbots, Virtual Assistants & Voice

AI in Customer Service
Discover how Fortune 500 companies like Walmart, Chase, Intuit, etc are using Bots & AI.
Conversational RPAs
Exploring how Bots are revolutionizing RPAs.
Voice & Virtual Assistants
Discover how Alexa, Siri, & Google Home are impacting customer behavior.
Artificial Intelligence & NLP & NLU
​Latest on NLP & AI for Bots, Voice Skills and RPAs.
Conversational Design & UX
Latest design conventions, frameworks & exploration of whats working.
From Zero to Launch
Discover what works best and how to launch your project.

If you could ask Google, IBM Watson, Nestle, GoDaddy, The Philadelphia Eagles & Salesforce about Conversational AI what would you ask?

We feature speaker from the Top Enterprises & Brands using Chatbot & AI as well as speakers from the Top Bot & AI Startups. 

Partnerships @Google
Developer Advocate @ IBM
Conversational UX @CoCoHub
Conversation Design Principal @Salesforce
Co-founder & CEO at Rul.AI
Co-Founder & CEO @Botsociety
Founder @ChatbotsLife
PM @Nestle
Conversational Marketing @Hubspot
Co-founder & CTO @ Rasa
Manager, Conversational AI @GoDaddy
Founder @CDI
Co-Founder and CEO @ Imperson
Co-Founder & CEO at Fireflies.ai
Co-Founder CEO at Rumble Studio
Director, CRM & Retention at Wolverine Worldwide
Chief Strategy Officer at Voicify
Co-founder & CEO @BotCopy
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9:00 am to 9:10 am

Welcome Talk & Overview

Stefan Kojouharov

Founder @Chatbot Conference

9:10 am to 9:45 am

Keynote: Brining Chatbots to Life

Jason Gilbert