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Exploring the Impact of VOICE

VOICE Deep Dive

May 22, 2019

Tanya Kraljic

Tanya Kraljicary

Conversation Designer / Voice UX at Google

Connecting with customers in the Age of Voice Assistants

  • How Companies are using VOICE

  • How VOICE is changing customer expectations and behaviour. 

  • Best Practices when designing for Voice

s voice interfaces grow in consumer popularity, they are shaping how and when your customers expect to be assisted. In this session, join Tanya Kraljic to hear how businesses can leverage these expectations to create experiences that users value. 


BIO: Tanya Kraljic's work is focused on the design and research of natural language interfaces, most recently for the Google Assistant. Currently at Google and previously at Nuance Communications, Tanya has led concept and design for both mature and emerging platforms, including IVR, mobile, web, smart home, automotive, IoT, and augmented reality. She's worked closely with many enterprise clients to help define and design 'what comes next' in the space of natural language technology.


Prior to her career in technology, Tanya received her Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) from Stony Brook University, where she focused on interactive spoken dialogue. She subsequently moved to UC San Diego’s Center for Research in Language, and then to the University of Pennsylvania's Institute for Research in Cognitive Science as a Postdoctoral Scientist.

The Rise of Conversational VoiceBots: How Human-sounding Bots will shape your Sales, Marketing & Support Calls

  • Using Messenger as a Funnel

  • Advantages of Messenger as a Channel

  • Monetizing Messenger

Ricardo Garcia-Amaya.png

Ricardo Garcia-Amaya

Founder & CEO at VOIQ 

Some months ago, Google Duplex broke the internet with their demo of an AI-Bot that sounds just like a human, and scheduled a hair appointment - just like a human.


2019 is the year of the VoiceBot. Conversational AI VoiceBots that sound, intonate, pause and breath just like a human and can have a natural conversation with a live person are changing the way companies operate. Businesses are rapidly adopting this type of AI automation to run their voice channels for Customer Service, Sales, and Marketing.


This talk will uncover the abilities of AI Conversational VoiceBots today and tomorrow, and what that means for Sales, Marketing and Service teams.   

About Ricardo

Ricardo Garcia-Amaya is a YCombinator alum and founder of VOIQ. He has an MBA from NYU Stern School of Business, and an undergraduate degree in Politics, also from NYU. His work has always aimed to bridge people and communities with smart and efficient tech solutions. Through his decade-long career straddling both industries, he’s taken on both an entrepreneurial role in tech as well as being a community leader. As a member of the board of advisors of the World Policy Institute in addition to being the founder of the Top 20 Latino Tech Leaders in the US, Ricardo aims to bring insights and shared knowledge to both domains.s.

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