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Exploring Chatbots & Artificial Intelligence's Impact on Customer Service

Customer Service Deep Dive

Casey Phillips

Casey Phillips 

Chatbot Product Owner Intuit 

How TurboTax plans to make e-filing your taxes easier with Chatbots.

The TurboTax Digital Assistant achieved impressive results in a recently completed 6-month A/B test with the previous self-help experience of a search panel.

  • Significantly reduced the rate of support phone calls

  • Increased user engagement with self-help content

  • Showed potential to improve product conversion (start-to-file/pay)

Casey Phillips is the Product Owner for the TurboTax Digital Assistant, a chatbot designed to provide automated help and support to TurboTax users. His focus is on ensuring the TurboTax Digital Assistant accomplishes business goals and metrics including increasing user engagement with self-help content, reducing support calls and human contacts, and increasing product conversion. Casey's background is in product management, AI, technical writing and he has an MBA from Nothern Michigan University.

How Conversational Bots are Changing the Paradigm in Customer Service

Shantanu Misra.jpg
  • Exploring the new paradigm

  • How customer's behaviors are changing

  • Top Insights from Google 

Shantanu Misra 

Product Manager Google 

Shantanu Misra is the Product Manager for Dialogflow which is the industry-leading platform for creating automated conversational agents with over 800,000 developers and top enterprises using it. Shantanu is part of the Google Cloud's AI team whose vision is to democratize AI and make it fast, easy and useful for customers and partners. Before joining Google, Shantanu was working with the Boston Consulting Group - advising clients across three regions - India, Singapore and Switzerland. Shantanu completed his MBA from Harvard Business School and his undergrad from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur.

Austin Arensberg .jpg

Austin Arensberg

Principal Scrum Ventures

How Retail and Consumer Experiences are being Changed by Chatbots, Voice & AI

  • How chatbots are increasing sales and decreasing costs for e-commerce stores.

  • Common use cases for Bots in Retail

  • Voice's impact on the customer experience. 

Austin Arensberg is currently Principal at Scrum Ventures, an early stage venture capital firm based in San Francisco, California that has invested in over 60 startups related to e-commerce, healthcare, software, video, and transportation. Prior to joining Scrum Ventures, Austin served as a manager in Samsung’s Global Strategy Group in Seoul, Korea where his work focused on electric vehicles, energy storage, corporate restructuring, and research and development. Austin’s previous professional experience included serving as M&A manager at PTT (the national oil company of Thailand) and Business Development Manager of Nollen Group, a renewable energy fund. Austin has been published by the Global Private Equity Initiative for his research on private equity fund management
and has served as a clean energy advisor for USAID. Austin is a grantee of the U.S. National Science Foundation, a former Princeton in Asia Fellow, and a graduate of INSEAD Business School. Austin also serves as a Mentor with the Venture for America Program.

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