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One of a Kind Value Proposition

Event Promotions

~500 Attendees

Be Featured in front of and Network with industry experts and Fortune 500 companies attending the event.

Media Promotions

Content Creation

Through our events, we can help auto-create 100+ pieces of content for your company. 

Our Chatbots

120K Subscribers

Be Featured in front of our 120,000 Subscribers via Email, our Groups, and Communities.

Evergreen Sponsorship

When you Sponsor our Events, you will Automatically be Featured in Front of our Audiences

Who Attends our Events?

Our largest attendee segment is Fortune 500 Enterprises who are looking to implement Bots and AI in their companies.


We attract a lot of Founders, CEO's, CTO, COO, CMOs and other leaders.


The engineering segment is our second biggest with roles like: CTO, Architect, Data Scientist, etc

Product Managers

Many companies will typically send a Product Manger, Engineer and a Conversational Designer.

UX Designers

Conversational Designers are one of the most common roles and attend our Workshops.

We Are

Connecting You with Customers


Start Up

  • 1 Year Sponsorship of Chatbot Conference 

  • Virtual Booths at all of our Online Conferences

  • 1 Booth at In-Person Live Event

  • Featured on event Branding, Newsletters, etc


* 7 Spots Remaining


  • Speaker on a Panel

  • Speaker in our Dedicated Session Track OR 

  • Guest during Live Fireside Podcast

  • Introductions to Attendees

  • + Everything in Start-Up


Only 4 Remaining


  • Host a Full-Day or Half-Day Workshop

  • Featured Speaker Presentation during Chatbot Conference 

  • Be a Featured Partner in our YouTube & Facebook ads and get 500,000 Views.

  • Guaranteed 50+ Hot Leads

  • Relationship Building

  • + Everything in Enterprise


Only 1 Remaining


  • Featured as a Co-Host for Entire Conference

  • Access to All-Conference Data

  • Co-host Live Fireside Podcast (3-9hrs)

  • Generate 100+ Pieces of Content 

  • Content Generation: 7hrs of Video, 15 Articles, 100+ Social Media Posts, etc

  • Everything in Partner

  • Like hosting your own Conference without costs &  headaches 


(Limited to 1 Co-host Per Event)

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