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Derek Roberti

Derek Roberti

VP of Technology


How to Power Up Your CX with Conversational AI

The service gap is widening. Why? Enterprise contact centers struggle to meet today’s demand for instant, personalized service across channels. 66% of customers are frustrated before they even start talking with a customer service rep. Conversational AI is rewriting the customer service rulebook. This doesn't mean replacing one system with another to do the same process better or faster, but to create entirely new processes and possibilities out of these new opportunities. Join Derek Roberti, VP of Technology at Cognigy, as he explains that providing the CX your customers expect boils down to three main pillars. Rethink your strategy into one that puts AI at the heart of your contact center, which is customer-driven, not machine-led.

Speaker's Bio

Recognized by Gartner as a Digital Experience leader, Derek is a technical and customer-facing strategist leading customer service teams in Conversational AI Automation excellence. As the VP of Technology at Cognigy, Derek delivers insights and an understanding of Conversational AI and chatbots as the next level of automation. For nearly two decades, Derek has focused on greater innovation for enterprises, uniquely combining a passion for technology with an honest dialog about its possibilities.

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