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Latest Research & Case Studies on Chatbot Marketing, Voice, Messenger Marketing and using Artificial Intelligence in Marketing.

Chatbot Marketing Deep Dive

Fireside Chat

Stefan Trockel

Stefan Trockel 

Co-founder & CEO

Nadine Weiskircher.jpg

Nadine Weiskircher

Senior Creative TLGG

Using Chatbots to Create Deep User Profiles for High Precision Media Targeting

"One chatbot to rule them all, to find them, to bring them in to the movies and to bind them to the popcorn."


One of the biggest challenges for the movie industry is getting the 16-24 year olds to come to the movies. To tackle this challenge TLGG developed the "DAS KINO" chatbot, using the, as a core channel to effectively target this age group and drive down marketing costs. The Chatbot was created to serve two campaign tactics in a self reinforcing loop: Support the campaigns creative narrative on Facebook Messenger while creating deep user profiles that enable optimization of media spend and target group reach. 


The bot had a few basic abilities such as answering useful questions like: "When is Deadpool playing?", "Are there any new movies with Chris Hemsworth?“,"Where are they showing the new Star Wars in my area?", "When is the new movie with Brad Pitt playing in my town?"and even more challenging questions like "I want action in New York City tonight". To make the bot fun to use, users were sent through a "What movies you should definitely NOT watch“ quiz which the bot could use to predict which movies to avoid. 


As a result of the bot, we were able to build deep user profiles which drove down marketing costs. The inbuilt user profile and personalization function of the platform easily translates these highly personalized profiles into custom audiences on Facebook. The result is a self reinforcing loop of user engagement and targeting optimization. The more users interact with the bot the higher the user profiles get the the cheaper the user acquisition cost gets and the more users are acquired with the existing campaign budget. 

About & TLGG

TLGG – a leading digital agency based in Berlin, Germany - and created a chatbot for movie goers that used user profile information gained through the provision of useful and entertaining dialogues to significantly optimize the campaigns media spendings. 

How we build a Messenger Funnel that drove $1M in Sales in 100 Days

  • Using Messenger as a Funnel

  • Advantages of Messenger as a Channel

  • Monetizing Messenger

Mary Kathryn Johnson.png

Mary Kathryn Johnson

Founder Messenger Funnels 

Mary has been nicknamed the "ChatBotMom" by her Messenger Marketing community, and her innovative use of chatbots has helped her clients sell millions in products, services and online courses, with one client making $1M in just 99 days from the Messenger Funnel Mary built. Her client successes were sited in The Definitive Chatbot Guide by as examples of how to successfully use chatbots to grow revenue.. Sharing thoughts, ideas and predictions on the future of personalized, conversational marketing and AI is what lights Mary's world, in addition to her college age sons, and husband of 30+ years.

Austin Arensberg .jpg

Austin Arensberg

Principal Scrum Ventures

How Retail and Consumer Experiences are

being Changed by Chatbots, Voice & AI

  • How chatbots are increasing sales and decreasing costs for e-commerce stores.

  • Common use cases for Bots in Retail

  • Voice's impact on the customer experience. 

Austin Arensberg is currently Principal at Scrum Ventures, an early stage venture capital firm based in San Francisco, California that has invested in over 60 startups related to e-commerce, healthcare, software, video, and transportation. Prior to joining Scrum Ventures, Austin served as a manager in Samsung’s Global Strategy Group in Seoul, Korea where his work focused on electric vehicles, energy storage, corporate restructuring, and research and development. Austin’s previous professional experience included serving as M&A manager at PTT (the national oil company of Thailand) and Business Development Manager of Nollen Group, a renewable energy fund. Austin has been published by the Global Private Equity Initiative for his research on private equity fund management
and has served as a clean energy advisor for USAID. Austin is a grantee of the U.S. National Science Foundation, a former Princeton in Asia Fellow, and a graduate of INSEAD Business School. Austin also serves as a Mentor with the Venture for America Program.

The #1 way to Achieve Explosive Growth and Outperform your Competition in 2019

  • Powerful ways to boost Facebook ROI with Messenger Bots

  • How to convert more customers and build a massively engaged audience in 30 days or less  

  • How to build a funnel that prints money

  • A marketing concept so powerful (and so obvious) that leveraging it can easily double or triple your sales in just a few months time

Samir ElKamouny.jpg

Samir ElKamouny

Co-Founder & Chief Growth Officer at Fetch & Funnel

Forward-thinking businesses are crushing it on Messenger. Dive deep into proven strategies Samir and the team at Fetch & Funnel are using to scale businesses of any size, in any industry on Facebook. Learn how to dominate your competitors by combining Messenger's massive reach with Facebook Ads, and how to tie it all together with advanced segmentation and automation.


Joseph Holguin

Co-Founder at SmartLoop.Ai

Using Chatbots to Capture Leads & Sell: Joseph Holguin

  • National Geographic Case Study

  • University of People Case Study

Joseph Holguin is the co-founder of SmartLoop.Ai, one of the leading enterprises level chatbot platform solutions. In this talk, Joseph will discuss the value of chatbots across a customer's journey. First, using chatbots, site visitors are quickly turned into qualified leads and as they use the bot, the experience is personalized which increases the odds of a sale. 

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