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University Case Study: Using Bots to increase Leads & Sell


My name is Joseph again. I was just up here co-founder of smart Loop where chatbot platform for right now. We really focus on sales marketing and customer service. You could build anything. But like I said, those are the use cases that we really focus on I've been in digital marketing for about 10 years. Probably more really started out when Facebook launched business pages and around that I started helping like my family they grow spices and vegetables and we started selling them online. I build up all these As I started working at agencies helping them really understand how to build communities sell products through Facebook pages and for five years, we've been building startups smart Loop has been around for about three years. so, smart Loop is a platform to help you easily build chatbots. You don't have to write any code you just sign up. It's just pretty much like Squarespace for chatbots. We have a lot of people that are not developed. Purrs, they don't have to write any code and they can build out these chatbots really easily. Some the customers we work with we work with Coca-Cola, AOL National Geographic some government clients, some telcos and some universities. Okay, but today I'm really going to focus on how to how University is enrolling m