"The #1 way to Achieve Explosive Growth and Outperform your Competition" with Samir ElKamouny


Hey everybody. This guy is the only guy who's going to make a bunch of money this year, I guess. So you should add my bot and my company's boss fetching funnel. So definitely do that whenever you have a chance. My name is Samir. Okuni looked me up online. I'm the only one so connect with me on LinkedIn find me write down my email address because I'm going to run through this super-fast and you're probably not going to be able to take notes or even capture photos of the slides. So I am happy to send you the entire slide deck if you want it.

So just shoot me an email. Shoot me an e-mail just say hi. So smear fetch funnel.com. I'm the founder of Fetch and funnel where a growth marketing agency. We specialize in making people lots of money like this guy does and our superpowers really Facebook Google advertising and one of the fastest ways that we've been able to get clients Stellar results was utilizing messenger Bots. And so that's what I'm here to talk about going to tell you a couple awesome case studies ways that we've done it and yeah, hopefully keep everybody awake after lunch. So what we're going to talk about really fast is Your Facebook Roi with messenger Bots leveling up your Facebook ads with messenger converting more customers build massively engaged audiences in 30 days or less how to build a funnel that prints money kid. You not alleviate bottlenecks huge one doesn't sound that fun but its massive opportunity for your business increase conversion rates.

Everybody wants to do that advanced Facebook audience tactic super cool stuff measuring and Reporting. Okay, not so fun, but it's going to get fun. Don't worry and then hopefully we have enough time for some quick Q&A. So 60% of people have used a messenger chatbot to interact with businesses in the past 12 months how many people here show of hands have interacted with a messenger bot. All right people who didn't raise their hands. What are you even doing here? I don't even know so but then less than one percent of businesses aren't only are using chat pod. So 99 percent of businesses. This is a huge opportunity and there's probably some people in this room that their businesses and using Messenger bots.

So this is a huge opportunity.

One percent that are using chat Bots because they're capitalizing on it and out doing their competition but it also gives a huge opportunity for all the businesses and individuals that are not using chat bots. So potential benefits of chatbots. This is kind of what everybody thinks of right the customer service easy communication answer simple questions, which is all well and good. Don't get me wrong but there's a huge opportunity to just make a ton of money with messenger Bots, especially plugging them into your Facebook ads. So that's really what we're going to kind of dig into here. So how many businesses here are individuals are advertising on Facebook show of hands. Okay.

So a decent amount how many people out of that are have used a messenger button connected to their Facebook ads anybody? Okay a couple cool. So these guys are making good money. There's a lot of the you out here could make a lot more money. So that's we're going to talk about so Facebook challenges. This is everyone seeing this expensive costs arising not going to change. Competitions huge it's only increasing heavy Reliance on Creative. Right creative expensive videos Graphics all that good stuff. You totally rely on your website to convert like what's your conversion rate or website 2% like knots the best like great.

So huge opportunity audiences lack purchase intent, you've got to nurture them anybody here who expects people to show up to your website and buy right away. Come on, that's not how it works tougher brands that don't have good customer data week be to be targeting. I mean that's just doesn't happen anymore that all those audiences are pretty much gone. And yeah, no titles job roles all that stuff. So how do we solve these challenges? So I'll do the experience changed the game anybody notice these cars. I mean, I'm sure not many people have stepped in the one on the left, but probably a lot of people notice the one on the right, but this is We're talking about right just completely changing the experience that people are going through. Usually you're setting them from your Facebook ads straight to your website. And that's what we need to chop.

That's what we need to solve. So messenger has a unique ability to solve these problems. So this is probably what most businesses are running right now sort of normal funnel right people discover your brand website visit piques the interest in your product and you're working hard to re reinforce those benefits your retargeting them spending tons of money on retargeting. You're probably not getting the greatest Roi ever on your ads and banning carts people not requesting demos people not signing up for your free trials. Let's hit him harder with more retargeting ads. You're probably using the same retargeting ads over and over again. Not really ideal.

So yeah, this is what most people are doing, but we can completely change this where we identify the bottlenecks, right? This is really huge and you could do this just like simple surveys on messenger or anything like that.

You asked find out like where those bottlenecks are white. Why are they? Visitors hesitant to buy or sign up for your demo or your free trial or whatever it is. And then so you get those answers and then design a symbol bot to help customers get the answers they need right? Because and then you can even ask them those once you identify here's my top five issues or questions that most people have just put that in your Bot and then say which question do you have other great ask the question and we'll get back to you and then you initiate that experience you could do it through click to messenger ads on retargeting. You can embed it on your website all sorts of places. Give them the answers. They need send them back to your website and make more money so we can reduce your cost per lead using Messenger. You can reduce your cost per sale. You can increase your reach.

You can increase your conversion rates. You can increase your sales. So real quick, what's more effective trying to reach people in the Gmail promotions tab? I doubt anybody hears really checking the Gmail from Oceanside that often. I mean, I don't and then or directly through a push notification. There's no competition or your competitions just kind of probably not doing as well as you can do it. And yeah, here we go millionaire challenge. This guy's making a ton of money if anybody doesn't know Tim Sykes. I mean, yeah, he's making a ton of money and messenger of receive Mail Right lost in a sea of I can't even find it.

Who's that? Forget it versus that Ding that you care about right? You get that Ding that notification that shot a dopamine all somebody messaged me. Oh cool. It's an offer from Tim Sykes. Oh, I'll read it. Oh, he's got some value to add. Yeah. I'm interested sign up for your free trial. So avoid the Gmail promotions tab reach over 80% of your audience better yet deliver the right promotion of the right people.

This is a really important. Thing to really understand because the segmentation I'm going to dig into it, but really not just Mass messaging at your entire list the same message that your messaging everybody.

That's probably what you're doing with your email newsletters and broadcast and stuff like that super boring because you're getting one message in front of all the people but it's probably not the right thing that they're looking for the solution, right so we can completely change that and then that's really where you're capturing their undivided attention. Right and you're adding value and I'm going to keep engaging with your Bot and I'm going to keep it being interest in your business. So this is all possible for less than the cost of acquiring new email subscriber huge. So send a messenger ads everyone seen Facebook ads here. They are the difference is my friend. Joseph just talked about this but here's an example, right you click on the ad and it just immediately opens up messenger and you're interacting with a bot.

Right? So here it is. Here's a Levi's I immediately open it answer a couple quick questions. And then the stylist is going to tell me exactly which genes are perfect for me. So real quick strategy one lead generation how to acquire subscribers from ads without breaking the bank. Okay. So again, I will happy to send anybody these slides but we're going to click the messenger ads. We're going to build a lead capture bot right we can ask for their email address. If we want in there really ask them any information.

We want qualify them segment them based off of the questions build a list of leads. Right for the cost of acquiring an email subscriber. Now you own them, right and you're not lost in the Gmail promotions tab. Once they answer any questions you segment them accordingly and then broadcast to that list at the right time like I was saying before so deliver personalized offers setting up drip sequences to Auto follow up track your sales for attribution and Marvel at the fact that you just acquired a paying customer at the cost of acquiring a subscriber. So I built this of 20,000 messengers of Grabbers in one month for less than 80 cents a piece and you go. Well, that's a lot of money 10,000 or so little less than $10,000. But that list generated over 80,000 Revenue who would put 10,000 down to make $80,000. I bet everybody here.

I certainly would and so that's a 5x return on ad spend without having to run ads. I'm going to show you exactly which one did that and so here's a here's a screenshot inside Facebook ads manager. Let's build a list for 30 cents a subscriber eight hundred dollars spent consistently getting 30 cents per subscriber. Look at that one twenty-four hundred twenty-nine cents per subscriber. That's awesome. You're not getting email addresses for 30 cents right now. I'm sure so here's another example mm, but we paid $3 which lot more than 30 cents. But these were 2,000 conversations that we started 70 percent of those people gave us their email addresses 36% of them gave it via the website.

So we pretty much got almost everybody and Two Times Higher conversion rates on those messenger subscribers versus just on the website which was huge and 50% lower cost per lead. We were paid over six dollars for a normally when we were some people to the website so big difference. Okay, and so here benefits right minimize friction super easy to register an opt-in Facebook already knows your email address. They're just going to pre-populate at me. Like is this it? Yeah. Okay, great more leads to lower cost significantly more engaging lead qualification and you have to pay people to do a survey these days. But in messenger, it feels fun. It feels engaging it feels kind of like a game.

You're much more likely to answer quick questions. And so here lead gen again, right a dollar per subscriber for kiss metrics rest in peace and $1 webinar registrations versus $15 webinar registrations. When we send people to a landing page really great landing page super optimized part dot all the stuff. We're still paying 15 bucks for qualified people. Once we got them in the messenger much easier the second they gave their email address in messenger. We sent that over to go to webinar sent it over to Salesforce all the places and so they had all that information and you were automatically registered for the webinar super interesting fact about when you do webinars like that as well as you can get people to show up to your webinar people aren't showing up to your webinars right now. I don't know if you think they are but they're not like 2% or probably showing up. So you get to send a push notification to these people.

Hey, the webinar starts in 10 minutes come at end versus being lost in that Gmail promotions tab pay that webinar attended and then I see it at 10 o'clock at night and it was early the morning. So conversational advertising plus subscriber marketing is really where you're able to make a lot of money and really behaviorally targeting messages and then dynamically sending them via messenger. And so this is really where you're assigning attributes. And this is like a super important thing that a lot of people miss it super simple to setup Bots. It's you know, it's super simple to kind of get people to engage with them. But every single answer that somebody clicks on or provides you or a button that they click on you can assign an attribute, right? So here if I say I'm interested in Street jeans. I'm going to assign you as a straight Gene. There's an interest in Street jeans if I'm interested in narrow, I'm going to tag you as that right.

It's kind of like your normal email marketing tags, but you could get a lot more information and then you can set up your chat bot to automatically message these people based on a loser's last interaction, right or really any action that they took and so this is it. Immensely powerful because again, you get to customize that next message e-commerce is just a really easy example where if someone says I'm interested in narrow jeans and then I messaged you three days later. Hey, we're running a sale on narrow jeans you're interested, but you can use this for like literally any business. I don't care what business you're in you can think of an example in your business where if somebody provides you an answer of what they're interested in you can get them back in by pretty much saying hey here it is. So attributes and segmentation personalized messaging right? This is really the old way you're trying to get data on people. You probably don't have it. Your Salesforce is probably a mass you're using way too much money for like Marketo and all the other services to really figure this stuff out and here you just get to really quickly ask people them get that declared data, which is I mean all businesses will pay tons of money for declared data and then know exactly what that motivates them. What are they interested in and show them that content right? And then cool send it all to zapier send it all to integral Matt.

Send all that information. In anywhere you want right? I just gave that example where you could send people to go to webinar send them to your email systems and them to your CRM really anything. I mean, you can have an email automatically sent to them right after if you want to keep using email, but you're not going to want to so here's bunch of examples right send that information to a Google sheet or upload a Facebook update. Your Facebook audience has send it to Trello or slack or whatever you want to do. So here's another cool One giveaway bot using Fest Facebook Messenger app Facebook ads Plus Messenger and this is really interesting giveaways are huge opportunity for you to build your list super-fast. So here's an interesting one right get first-party data from your list. Ask your prospect anything. I'm way more likely to answer your questions that I may be less likely to answer if you're going to give me something potentially for free so ask me some questions and then I'm entered into your giveaway, right? So this was a notebook cool not that many people are going to be interested in.

Books are fill out a survey on notebooks. But hey, we're going to give you a ton of really awesome notebooks and some other freebies. Okay, I'm much more interested. I click on the add asked me a couple quick questions and my interest in hardcover softcover all that good stuff. And then hey interested in wallets. Yeah. Yeah great. So now we have that information.

I know you're interested in wallet, or I know you're interested in hardcover notebooks and then I'm going to follow up with you on that right announce the giveaway. Here's a secret one don't usually give this away but you fall you message everybody at the end of the giveaway and say hey, we're going to choose some runner-ups and then everybody's a runner-up and then you just give them a discount on the thing that they said that they're interested in. Okay today everybody catch that if not, just shoot me an email and I'll show you so get subscribers from comments. This is another really cool one ask people to engage on your posts as people to engage on your ads right huge opportunity there. With the tagging you tag people anything that they're interested in huge opportunity is where you can actually sync these people with your Facebook ads. Whoa, I just said I was interested in these narrow jeans now. I've got a narrow Gene Facebook audience.

Now. I've created a look-alike out of it. I'm retargeting those people all that good stuff. That's super powerful. If anybody's here to running Facebook ads, they'll understand how immensely powerful that is, right. So my audiences are directly inside of Facebook ads manager. And so then I can take them exclude them from my ads right because I don't want to be showing my ads to them anymore. So middle of funnel broadcast strips all that good stuff. You've got a big list.

Now you ran a giveaway. You've got this list, right? How do we turn them into sales? You've got the data give them a coupon code give them whatever you want. But tell them here. Hey, I'm going to solve your problem or I'm going to show you what you're interested in. I'm going to give you a discount on it free shipping on it or whatever you want to do and send that to them right and recommend products create customers get a drip campaign going to those people. Oh. Follow up with them over the next year if you want and add value and all that good stuff. Send broadcasts out.

You can't really see it. But this was fifty thousand dollars generated and these are our weekly broadcast six thousand twenty thousand four thousand three thousand and this is like a brand new audience that we built. This is just Google analytics showing and you can see it just started like two months ago and that he just keeps going up. Right so broadcasts print money right there. And then so here's a great example of how we increase total revenue by three hundred twenty nine percent and it's the advanced Facebook e-commerce funnel that we sort of been deluding towards here and talking about right and segmenting everybody segmenting Facebook messenger and chatbots where we identify the bottlenecks super important to do that. Right? And so I want to give you an example because I'm going to run short on time. So Revenue increased by a hundred fifty nine percent, which traditional Facebook campaigns. We just ran really great campaigns and increase the revenue and that was great.