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Get Certified in AI & UX

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Learn how to make an AI powered NLP based Voice Bot


Learn how to make an advanced AI powered Chatbot that reflects the customer journey at each stage & Get Certified in Conversational Design & AI Development.

What you'll Learn

  • How to Design your Bot

  • How to use NLP/NLU platforms to build Intents & Entities.

  • How to build enterprise grade bots.

Ideal for

  • Anyone Interested in Bots

  • Product Managers

  • Designers

  • Developers

  • Marketers

  • Entrepreneurs 

Teenage Students Raising Hands

Live & On-Demand

Our Workshops are both LIVE & On-Demand. This mix allows you to learn at your own pace and get hands on help from our instructors in the Live Workshops.

Take your Project to the Next Level.

Conversational Design Workshop


9:00am: What is conversation design

9:30am: The psychology of conversations

Designing Flows & Personalities

10:00am: A proven CDI workflow: Theory and Starting you Bot Project

11:00am: Persona development


12:00am: Lunch break

Conversational Design Fundamentals Part 1

1:00pm: The Conversation Design Worksheet and the Conversation Design Canvas

2:00pm: Apply to the Pizza Bot Project

Conversational Design Fundamentals Part 2

3:00pm: Sample Dialogue, Low fidelity flowchart

4:00pm: Apply to the Pizza Bot Project

Copywriting & Managing Failure

5:00pm: Integrating with NLU & Going Live



Hans van Dam

Founder Conversation Design Institute 

Ronald Ashri.jpeg

Ronald Ashri
Founder & CEO, Opendialog

Maaike headshot.jpg

Maaike Coppens 
Chief Design Officer, Opendialog

Dialogflow Workshop:

9:00 a.m.: Overview, what makes a great enterprise chatbot?

9:15 a.m.: Intro to NLU frameworks (Google Dialogflow) and Botcopy

9:30 a.m.: Establishing an ROI / data-driven mindset before you build!


Build Your Enterprise Chatbot

10:00 am: Intro to Dialogflow/Botcopy stack: Response types & components
10:15 am: Writing & Design: Fine-tuning your bot’s style to boost engagement

10:30 am: Coding and Webhooks: Backend fulfillment in Dialogflow

10:45 am: Conversational Websites: Window triggers, ref parameters and more

11:00 am: Authentication: Passing JWTs for personalized & secure tasks

11:30 am: Data collection for reporting, training & increased ROI

Afternoon Sessions


Breakout Groups

Breakout Group 1: 

All's well that (front) ends well! The art & science of compelling messaging for enterprise chatbots.


The underlying backend structure and, in many cases, fulfillment code is what transforms ordinary chatbots into fully functioning departments that never sleep! But without clear, sensible messaging and an inviting look, feel, and tone on the front end, your best-laid technology plans will go to the scrapyard. Work with Rob and Julia to master the fundamentals of bot writing and design. Ideal for all levels, startup to enterprise!


Botcopy's Rob Lubow (Cofounder) & Julia Anderson (Cx Designer)


Breakout Group 2: 

Flash intro to creating a robust data feedback loop for an AI solution that never stops learning! 


In this breakout group, learn how to set up an air-tight data loop that keeps your info organized and accessible and feeds straight back into your bot's intelligence. Learn how to set up a conversational agent that learns from mistakes and successes to prove increasing ROI! Discover new demands among your users, and let complex data inform how you expand your bot boldly into new service areas. 


Botcopy's Alex Seegers (Cofounder) and Google's Blossom Coryat (AI Engineer)


Breakout Group 3: 

Advanced moves that turn your enterprise chatbot into a fully functioning department unto itself!


Cross over the authentication divide! Learn how to personalize your chatbot experience by passing JWTs, setting up window triggers, custom snippet parameters, and ref parameter detection. Learn how to integrate your chat stack with powerful third-party tools like Zendesk, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Okta, and many more! Transform your bot from a mere lead gen tool into an authentication powerhouse that opens up a vast world of services, from giving order status, taking payments, and issuing refunds to letting end-users access their education and healthcare accounts conversationally.


Botcopy's Matthew Porter (Cofounder) 


Dusting Dye 

Co-founder @ Botcopy


Blossom Coryat

Data Analytics and AI Solutions at Google


Julia Anderson

Conversational UX Designer


Rob Lubow

Co-founder @ Botcopy


Alexander Seegers

Co-Founder and COO at Botcopy

Meet the Instructors