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Document Structures Test

Now we need to jump into the documents themselves. The test is between two documents, one which is well-organized and one which is not. 

The Test

We build two chatbots for this test. The chatbots are trained on the same information and the main difference is the Hierarchy organization. 


We will test two articles that have the same information. Article 1, will have all of the attributes shared above. Article two will be missing most of the attributes above. Each article will be used to train a bot and we can all play around with the differences.


The Test:

1) Bot 1: Doc has the following 

  • H1 Title Tag

  • Summary

  • H2 & H3

  • Definitions

  • Supplementary Content

2) Bot 2: Doc is designed to mirror a poorly structured articles

  • All tags converted to Paragraph Format

  • No summary

  • No supplementary content

  • No definitions or questions


Here are a few questions we can ask both bots so we can gain clarity on the value of structure.

  • What are the benefits of drinking water?

  • How many benefits are there of drinking water?

Bot 1: Well Organized Doc 

Bot 2: Poorly Organized Doc

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