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Obaid Ahmed








I am an entrepreneur, mentor and technologist at heart. An expert in building technology, UX/product design, large scale software design and business models.

I've worn many hats in my career such as programmer, architect, strategist, marketer and writer. I have a unique ability to handle multi-disciplinary projects and to navigate complex challenges.

I have also been involved in the community as a mentor for early stage startups. Providing advice and insights on their business models and get-to-market plans. I am also involved in bringing crowd funding to local communities. I created UmmahHub as a project to bring crowd-funding to Muslim communities around the world.

I have been honoured to receive the Youth Business Entrepreneur in 2012 and I am also involved in YoungMaker project which introduces the concept of technology to young members of our community via a 3D printer.

I love making new professional friends. If you want to talk technology, business, crowd-funding or cricket reach out to me.

Currently working on building the future of conversational apps using Voice, text and AI.

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