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Nazar Hembara








As the CEO of BotsCrew and Curify, I am driven by my passion for enhancing customer and patient experiences through AI-powered solutions. My goal is to develop innovative chatbots and AI technologies that revolutionize the way businesses interact with their users, putting customer experience at the heart of every solution.

As a proud Ukrainian tech entrepreneur, I am dedicated to contributing to the global technology scene while promoting innovation within Ukraine. It is crucial for me to build a company that is a responsible citizen, supporting Ukrainian foundations like Come Back Alive in the efforts to aid Ukraine until full victory against the barbaric actions of the ongoing unprovoked war started by russia in 2014 and significantly escalated in February 2022.

I firmly support no-code tools as a way to empower businesses with accessible and efficient solutions, regardless of their technical background.

I welcome the opportunity to connect with professionals who share my enthusiasm for technology, customer experience, and the transformative potential of AI. Let's collaborate, learn from each other, and positively impact the world of technology and user experience together.

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