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Bing (Victor) LIU


Generative AI






I am passionate about building Generative AI technologies to enable new experiences for everyone from regular people to creators to businesses. I have over 10 years of experience in Machine Learning, NLP, and Conversational AI, with a PhD in NLP and spoken dialog systems from Carnegie Mellon University.

Currently, I lead a machine learning team building large language models (LLM) for conversational agents, a key component of Meta's vision in Generative AI. Previously, I was at Meta Reality Labs, led and grew the NLU team to develop cutting-edge AI and NLP technologies for the voice Assistant in AR/VR across multiple product verticals, languages, and device lines.

I have successfully delivered large projects that involved 30+ engineers and cross-functional partners from conception to completion, in ambiguous environments and demanding schedules. I am driven by the mission of creating immersive and intelligent agents that empower users and businesses.

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