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Adam Chan

Adam Chan

Developer Relations Engineer


Why Conversational Interfaces Matter

Interfaces are an important part of our daily lives from text-based interfaces (like the command line) to graphical interfaces (like websites and apps), but interfaces aren't just about computing. We interact with visual interfaces all the time, for example, road signs. You might interface with your dog through play or pets. We interface through spoken words in conversation. Conversations are natural between people, but conversing with computers can bring more people into the world of computing.

Speaker's Bio

Adam is a Developer Relations engineer at Google empowering the world to build conversational apps on Business Messages. He studied Computer Engineering at the University of Toronto and is a tinkerer by nature and an educator at heart. Previously, Adam was a software development instructor, inspiring people to build out their ideas to learn new skills. Today, Adam works closely with software engineers around the globe to build the best in class integrations with Business Messages.

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