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Chris Morgan Brown

Chris Morgan Brown

Natural Language AI

Amazon Web Services

Generative AI in the Contact Center and beyond

Join us for a showcase of The Art of the Possible Contact Center which includes a multi-modal, personalized contact center experience that leverages Generative AI and customer data to provide rich experiences for the customer. This demo example includes a Generative AI chatbot for services and also agent assistance tools to help the agent quickly provide information to the customer for a faster and better customer experience. We will also discuss how this experience was put together using AWS se

Speaker's Bio

**Chris Morgan Brown** (He/Him)

Based in Portland, Oregon, Chris Morgan Brown stands out as the Principal Consultant for Natural Language AI at Amazon Web Services (AWS). An alumnus of the esteemed MIT Sloan School of Management, he's deeply immersed in Machine Learning and AI's business implications.

His career milestones include pivotal roles at Wells Fargo, Columbia Sportswear Company, and New York-based Snaps. Apart from corporate leadership, Chris co-founded 'iGotITtoo', showcasing his en

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