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Ali Arsanjani

Ali Arsanjani

Director, Cloud Partner Engineering


Conversational Agents : The State of the Art and the Art of the Possible

We explore the current State of the Art in conversational systems, contact center AI and discuss the Art of the Possible in what current Google AI can bring to the value proposition of AI-based conversational intensive systems. We delve into best-practices as well as push against the possibilities that exist at the edge of research.

Speaker's Bio

Dr. Ali Arsanjani is Director of Cloud Partner Engineering at Google Cloud, building strategic partnerships through co-innovation with Google’s largest partners, ISVs and GSIs . He specializes in AI/ML and Data/Analytics to enable customers and partners to run on, integrate with and build upon the Google Cloud Platform for AI/ML and Data/Analytics use-cases that explore and extend the cutting edges of innovation. Pushing against the boundaries of market trends and anticipating what is on the hor

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