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Brian Rider

Brian Rider

Sr Product Manager - Conversational AI


Adaptive Automation

We have now entered the age of adaptive automation. At Intuit we are designing human-centered autonomous systems that enable humans or machines to change the system state and the level of autonomy in real-time. In this session, Brian will cover the history of Adaptive Automation and use cases from his projects across military/defense, gaming, autonomous vehicles, manufacturing, and ultimately fintech. Lastly we will cover examples of how to use adaptive cards to drive efficient task completion

Speaker's Bio

Brian is an award-winning entrepreneur, product manager, and systems engineer that has dedicated his career toward simplifying work for humans. He’s deployed voice AI experiences across various industries with companies such as Lockheed Martin, Ford, Johnson & Johnson, Nvidia, Chick-fil-A, Unity, Barclays, US Bank, Walmart, GTRI, and CDW -- to name a few. He currently works as a Sr. Product Manager at Intuit. He leads Intuit's core conversational AI platform.

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