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Registration & Coffee
Opening Remarks with Stefan Kojouharov
Keynote Bots & Blockchain with Mark Stephen Meadows & Nathan Shedroff
New way for builders, designers, and companies to come together.
Ecosystem Overview Panel
How is the space evolving, emerging trends, etc.
Coffee Break
Voice Panel
How Brand are leveraging Voice.
AI & NLP with Alex Weidauer
Latest developments on AI/NLP with RASA.
Connect with Customers: Messaging That Works with Rob Lawson
Insights from Google and latest on Rich Business Messaging (RBM) ecosystem.
Fireside Chat: Stefan Kojouharov & Mehfuz Hossain
Exploring Bot Frameworks and Modules for Enterprises
Bots as Vertical Solutions Panel
Exploring how bots are transforming different verticals. 
Insights from Brands & Investors
Exploring how are Investors & Brands Investing in this Space.
Bots: Past, Present & Future Q&A 
with Shane Mac
How Enterprises are Winning with Bots
Chatbot Design & UX Panel
Exploring latest insights in design and UX.
Coffee Break
User Acquisition & Monetization Panel
How Bots are Getting & Monetizing Users
Bot Insights with Suyash Joshi
Insights in creating magical experiences.
Bots & Future Technologies
Exploring AR, VR, Blockchain, Bot2Bot and more.
After Party!!!
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