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Reshma Lal Jagadheesh

Reshma Lal Jagadheesh

Data Science Manager @ The Home Depot

Home Depot

LLM Era: The Language Revolution and Responsible Development of Generative AI in Contact Centers

In a rapidly evolving technological landscape, Generative Artificial Intelligence has emerged as a game-changing force, reshaping industries across the board. This talk delves into the dynamic realm of Gen AI and explores the profound impact of LLMs in Contact Centers. However, this transformation isn't without challenges. Hallucination and answering questions related to the latest information are the biggest challenges of leveraging LLMs in the industry along with many others. The talk will als

Speaker's Bio

Reshma is a Data Science Manager supporting Conversational AI initiatives at The Home Depot. She has been with THD for 4 years now. Her team primarily focuses on developing tools and technologies that help resolve and answer customer questions more quickly and easily. Her team specializes on technologies like Natural Language Processing, Spoken Language Processing, Question Answering and Generative AI. In her free time she enjoys hiking and visiting national parks.

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