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Global Fraud Prevention & Non-Genuine Conversations with Adobe


Good afternoon, the names actually nickel night. So, thank you. so, I think we've heard a lot about chatbots this morning. So, and all the way into this afternoon. so, I just decided that I'll come out here and be honest and say I'm not going to talk anything about chatbots. I just saying what I'm going to talk about is the power of genuine conversations and how a Toby we use the power of genuine conversations to go ahead and convert one of our most Non monetizable user base. So, we will dive a little bit on there and I was lying when I said I'm not going to talk about chat pods. I will be talking a little bit about chatbots but more so, I'm going to focus on the customer and what we did in Adobe with this genuine story. so, quick introduction about myself. My name is Nikhil and I had strategy and analytics for the non-genuine conversion program at Adobe. So, as you can see it's a pretty long name that we have out there. so, I wanted to actually go ahead and explain what non-genuine means. It's our name that we have given to anybody who is a pirated user of adobe products. And that is why I said we are going to go after one of our most non monetizable user base. so, why did we go after this user base? And why did we consider them? Non monetizable the money starts back in 2016. So, back in 2016 group of us to God. Gather at Adobe we figured out that everything that you see in that green section was our monetizable base. so, we were not monetizing almost eighty seven percent of the products that we had out there. A lot of people said, hey, those are all Legacy products, which is CS, so, let's not focus on them, but realize that's not all CS CC have a 50 percent of were ICS. It means creative suit back in the days. We had CDs now, it's all on the cloud called Creative Cloud. Alright, so, we have this huge problem. And now how were we going to go ahead and monetize 87% so, what we did is we said, let's go out there and see if there is a way for us to identify if there is if we can go ahead and monetize that long story short. We figured out the total addressable Market that we have for these users. so, the total addressable opportunity for this Market of users is almost 600 to 900. Alien, and guess what we started in fy17 with six million dollars and then we started growing this business three times here over here, of course not going to put the f y9 t number but I'm pretty sure most of us here know math. So, how did we go about this? What is this journey all about? How did we actually being a big company change this this Dynamic we have around genuine conversation? So, let me get a little bit into that. so, what was different in what we did? so, what's fraudulent software or non-genuine software? Even though we have products in CC they are very much hackable. So, anything that is software that is modified or a key that was stolen and distributed or something that was purchased from the gray Market is what we deem as non-genuine. So, we have mechanisms through which we can identify how many users of our products even if they're paying us are not paying us. Actually, hacking our software. so, once we found that out, the second thing we wanted to know is hey are these people really inclined towards paying us? so, we partner with Microsoft to do an analysis of the user base of all users who are using software’s very similar to ours and we found out that the world population can be divided or the user demographics. Can be split into three different categories pirate the piracy incline the opportunistic and the legally inclined and as you can see most of these opportunistic and legally inclined people are the ones who are ready to convert. So, if you approach them with a different conversation, they will end up converting and buying your product while the piracy inclined will not and for our good luck most of the opportunistic. And the legally inclined were all in the top markets where we were operating. So, now this gave us confidence to say let's go ahead and operate on it. But we wanted to have a strategy on how we're going to go ahead and have this conversation. so, what was different in our conversation? Okay, so, our targeted users every one of them who had an adobe product. They actually believed they had a genuine product. So, how are you going to go ahead and convince somebody that really the software you're using is not genuine. so, we said fine they're going to be shocked. They're going to be angry at is going hate us and we're going to stay with them. Let them grieve their loss and our response would be that of an emphasis on empathy and understanding we are going to be there for them to went. Their frustration and finally we are going to use a data driven customer-centric Centric model to provide them with personalized offers and these offers will then encourage them to convert. so, with this strategy it binds we went ahead and as we say if there is a business there should be a funnel. so, we had our own funnel where the top of the funnel was all the users that we actually knew had this software, which is non. Genuine Incline Middle of the funnel all about identifying them knowing who's using what kind of product figuring out what customer experience they should get and the bottom part of our final was all about go-to-market conversion customer experience. Now in this journey, we had two different go to market strategies for our users. The first one was the direct message. Basically, what that means is we would actually pop up notification on users’ machines that Allow them to go to a landing page and from the landing page. They could either convert on adobe.com or they could go to a phone agent or a chat service to converge and in this process what we did. Are we developing a nice customer experience that had 10 phases and each of these phases was a 40-day journey that we put our customers through? The first part of the journey is friendly and informative as you know, when you first see a message pop up you either ignore it or you open it and when you open it it has to be informative so, we would stay with the customer and kind of informing them why they're getting this notification following which we would then take that to an escalated to. One if we see that the customers not engaging and finally, we would go down the path of app termination now for us app terminations almost like divorce. We really threaten people with that. We don't do it. so, and most of our users convert before that. So, we never had to do that for our customers anyway, So, that customer Journey allows us to push people through our e-commerce platform and get them to have and convert to our e-commerce platform or chat or phone and the strategy for us was around. Oh, by the way, this is actually one of our landing pages or the or the notification that you get that takes you to a landing page and we get people onto our customer care team, which is a very high conversion rate or to adobe.com, which al so, has a very high conversion rate. So, moving on to businesses. so, always sauce Now with the direct message campaign was for consumers. Now we knew a lot of businesses speed small businesses or Enterprises and named Accounts at the same issue. Now while dealing with these people you have to be very careful because brand is at risk and a lot of other factors. so, again, once again, we rely on our data to give us the right segmentation of who's a small business who's in Enterprise and our Focus once again remained at the customer and when we actually went to these customers, we focused on building a brand building a relationship and actually helping them clean up their own environment and we did not resort to anything about closing the gaps or selling a license or you know talking to them about Renewables nothing. So, finally we go into a multi-touch customer-centric engagement. Basically, what we do here is we don't talk about money even to our biggest Counts. We don't talk about money till the very end. We believe that a customer went dealt with that kind of an experience starts to have trust in US. so, with that I just spoke about the problem. I just spoke about what we had as a strategy now. I want you guys to hear what a genuine conversation sounds like right? So, here we have a customer whose name is George W. Not the George W that you guys are thinking he does have a Texan accent though. I'm going to take you through all the seven stages of grief that we believe every user goes through when we actually Target them with this kind of and but given the lack of time I'm going to stick to some of the key, you know emotions that user can see so, Stefan if you can play the first part years I get some stupid pop up message that says the film is not properly licensed and I've been using for over a year. You have a series of possible explanations. None of which include the soda Springs up. I want to get this shit fixed. I'm Alrighty, sir. to hear that See that's a real customer. Right and that's what they feel that at the first and they see the message the pissed off right and you can see the agent is just not speaking about anything. He's just liked all right. Go ahead. Go ahead and listen to you more and then comes anger. I really want you guys to listen that one. That's really cool play that. Well, it'll still work for you. But unfortunately, in your purchase was not managing on directly to an adobe authorized reseller or addressing some ability and you could have been exposed to counterfeit pirated. You know, I'm not tired because this is a genuine Adobe Acrobat bitch. I've got the box man. Look it may not be, I don't know what you all call it off guard restore. Whatever you said. I bought it from somebody I can. Remember they did someone Amazon. Which is probably where it came from, but I don't actually remember I do buy stuff from Amazon, and obviously, they wouldn't feel anything that they didn't think was Jin Baltic when I was in the Sea, so, I don't want to make this an Amazon teaching session know Amazon is not a rat doesn't have any role to play in this but most of the users go on. places and trust them blindly because they feel everything that's old. There is genuine. They feel that marketplaces are actually making an attempt I hope they are to actually clean up and have only certified resellers. That's not the truth. A lot of our software gets actually proliferated through this reseller. some of them are Platin resellers and they land up on places like Amazon. so, what I want to focus here is about the brand you can see the customer is sticking to the point that adobe screwed up like they are not blaming anybody else. They blaming Adobe. so, what do we do in this in this kind of a scenario in this kind of scenario? We again try to just wait and see what the customer has to do or customer has to say and let them went out and I wish I could get go through the entire series, but that's pretty long. so, I'll get to the Understanding piece of it really quick where the customer what happens is the customer gets into a bargaining mode us to see that. Hey, is there a way you can give me a discount? Is there a way you can do something for me where I can get this, we don't talk about selling in our calls? so, we don't even go into that conversation, but finally we reached understanding so, if can play understanding Disappearances perfect more or less but it's not real. They're just good manufacturers, correct? They're good at cheating. Oh, that's great. Hi. I don't know

what do I think I'm not mad at you? I don't know. I understand. I just I guess what really bothers me is why would it take over a year but this to happen. so, imagine if I actually played that before I played shock and denial. Would you even if ever agree that this is happening on the same goal and the same customers going through these same emotions and finally the customer. Coming to a point where it's like I know Adobe you didn't screw up going to quickly move in to the next couple of slides. But this is where we actually talked to the customer and we say hey if you want, we'll give you a discount right you can uninstall that software right now and we'll give you a discount or if you don't want it. You can keep the phone and call us back in this case the customer chose to not take the discount. They kept the phone they call back and they converted and this is what has been happening for a lot. of our customers. so, what have we learned from this that this genuine conversation works but now getting to the point of chatbots today? I'm going to skip through this real quick, though. This is just our workflow of our conversation on what we do. Alright, so, today all of our conversations are done by agents and the biggest challenge we have is training these agents and the operational costs associated with those agents where we are planning to go next is to use Bots. But as you can see the kind of conversations, we are having a bot to have a completely genuine conversation and have that user convert. Seems to be difficult. I'm open to ideas and learning more here. But our strategy is to go ahead and use a pot to human hand off to keep our high conversion rates, but to reduce some of our cause and the same happens because we operate in big markets like us UK Japan where a lot of our localization and culturalization is important while it's easy for us to do that on our landing pages. We plan to do that on through Bots to so, that's in a nutshell the story of how having a genuine conversation can actually lead you to be generating a business in millions and then almost three times year-over-year growth. so, that's pretty much it for my end. one question I just have a question pertaining to the body human hand off. realize its kind of theme of questions for the day essentially given the stages of grief that you talked about and seeing how can speak a little louder? Yeah. Sorry, seeing how a that's little on seeing how a customer flows to that conversation experiences of seven stages of grief. Where do you envision the bought human hand off to occur in a way that allows the customer to feel that they're being valued as opposed to having the that automated portion During the period where they're most frustrated most upset. That's to be tested to be very honest today. We don't feel like listening to a bot would help them ease their anger in any way. In fact, that would make them more frustrated, but we definitely see, you know, some pilot that we could do there. Any other question too? That's it. Thank you very much. Can I get around past when I kill?



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